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A different kind of Country, a different kind of Man. Critically acclaimed recording artist, advocate for Equality, Diversity, Humanity. Cape Breton, the World. From humble beginnings in his native Nova Scotia, Drake has married music and message to promote his ideals of tolerance and acceptance to fans across the globe. His 2011 debut album On My Way to Finding You was recorded in Nashville with veteran independent producer Kim Copeland. The first single "Wash Me Away" has logged airplay on 100 radio stations worldwide and the album received critical acclaim. Subsequent releases Outlaw and Retro solidified his status as a major talent in contemporary country music. Now, with the release of his latest album Sideshow and companion DVD Peepshow, Drake is poised to once again make his mark with a mix of old favorites and new material. that is sure to please established fans and win new ones in the process. 

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